October 31, 2011

5 Things that are great about the people I work with.

The job I do reveals challenges and gifts from all that I meet, week in week out.  I thought this time I would talk about 5 things that are great about the people I work with.
Here goes:

1.  They’re Brave
The courage students have in taking up dancing at an older age combined with the ability to go through a process and end up with the skills to be able to dance, coordinate, express themselves and perform… takes bravery!

2.  They’re Inspiring
The progress that many people make as they come to class week by week challenges the idea that older people can’t learn, change or succeed because they’re too old!  Being the proof that certain preconceptions aren’t true… inspires others!

3.  They’re Encouraging
The students willingness to learn steps and movement, which challenge their body and mind’s boundaries in every lesson and every performance… encourages those who doubt themselves.

4.  They’re Fun Lovers
My students and dancers have fun in class whilst performing and share that fun with others both on and off stage.  It’s good to have fun whilst doing something valuable!

5.  They’re Passionate
They have strongly held ideas and values which they express through their movement and actions whilst dancing… Doing this requires the drive that comes through passion!

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