May 18, 2013

Adventure into the Unknown

In our second article from the men’s corner we’re going to hear from Geoff, who’s in his 80’s ++++ and takes 4 to 5 dance classes a week including performing with a well known performance dance group and a “dancing to the musicals” group.

Introducing Geoff…
I think I have always been dancing, through my life.
I began dancing, as a teenager at the famous iconic dance venue, The Hammersmith Palais and dancing has continued, particularly ballroom dancing, to be a life long interest and hobby.  I’m always wanting to improve, attending dance classes, and including graceful sequence dancing and the lively Line Dancing.  Line dancing attracts ladies of all ages, is excellent exercise for the figure and no partner required when men are in low numbers!  Men are often reluctant to take up dancing which is a restricting and unnecessary disadvantage for them.   In recent years, the TV Strictly Come Dancing programme has revitalised great interest in dancing, with would be dancers realising there is a special enjoyment when you are smoothly gliding, with your partner in your arms, across a dance floor to the rhythm of the music.
In retirement, taking up the advantage of exploring other dance styles I took up contemporary and creative dancing.  With experienced choreographers and encouraged by tutors, I have enjoyed also performing in dance shows regularly and still do!  The challenge of rehearsing to a high standard, presenting successful dance performances and learning the dance routines – exercises the mind, boosts confidence and provides a greater sense of well being through the joy of dance.
Dancing is such an excellent, enjoyable and beneficial exercise, enabling all people to stay physically active.  Dancing IS for men, though many pretend otherwise, not sure if they could venture into the unknown.  But the invitation and the welcome is there and a new adventure awaits you!

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