May 19, 2012

An Estorick Morning

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Today Counterpoint Dance Company dancers spent an hour at the Estorick Collection in Islington.  It was a great opportunity for the dancers to participate in a workshop I led and learn about and be inspired by the photography of Giuseppe Cavalli and Italian landscapes.   Maria the educational facilitator at the gallery talked us through the pictures and the various technicalities of photography and how Cavalli came up with the effects of light within his work.

We used photography to inspire and stimulate movement, which was then developed and we danced within the galleries spaces and the main corridor.  This was a great experience for all.  Maria was impressed by the dance that came to life before her eyes and how the pictures could inspire such movement.  The dancers had an opportunity to immerse themselves in artwork and express what they saw with their bodies whilst learning about another art form as well as using the medium of dance to recreate shapes and landscapes.  Who knew Saturday mornings could be so mentally stimulating and creative!

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