May 26, 2016

Big Dance 2016


Last weekend across the UK and in other parts of the world dancers of all ages and abilities came together to dance the Big Dance. It was a very special one this year because the Big Dance organisers are hanging up their shoes.


After 10 years it’s time for Big Dance to be put out to pasture but its legacy will carry on! Many people have been encouraged and have taken up dancing because of Big Dance and in the process become part of the Big Dance family.


Their message is that anyone can dance! And I think they are right, if you’re part of a supportive group, whether in a dance class or a performance group, anyone can learn to dance.


To join in, on Saturday Counterpoint Dance Company danced one of our repertoire pieces (first performed at Indigo2 in 2013) and it was wonderful to be able to dance with the martial artists again, like we did 3 years ago!


We danced at the Claremont Project with the White Crane King Fu martial artists from Islington who added a wonderful variety and richness to the dance piece with their particular style of movement. This piece I made (Jump) was designed to be as fun and uplifting as the song it is danced to (Madonna’s piece of the same name) and you can see in these pictures just how much fun is being had! Hope you enjoy these too.


Even though Big Dance may not be around anymore, we’ll all be carrying on inspiring, nurturing and dancing as we grow the wider dance family!

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Jilly Connick
June 2, 2016 at 16:44

Wow guys!!! Really giving it some welly there; fantastic. Andy, what a mover! You just needed some brothel creepers and drape jacket, slicked back hair, and voila, Elvis lives.

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