September 23, 2011

Cubitt & Claremont groups work together to create a masterpiece to rival Breugel the Elder!

[album: the Elder/]

In May 2011, inspired by Pieter Breugel the Elder’s oil painting  “The Tower of Babel“, we combined dance, poetry, language, painting and music to create our own masterpiece! This project brought together a creative collaboration between the creative dance class at Claremont, art classes from Cubitt and the creative writing class also from Claremont.

The dance class used the painting to inspire movement ideas and the choreographic structure replicated the architectural patterns of the tower, which could be seen later in the way we used certain dance motifs.  The creative painting class drew pictures during one of the creative dance sessions, whilst the dancers performed.  The drawings were later projected as a backdrop during the creative dance performance.  Finally the poetry class performed their poems on the stage further linking the dancing and the drawings. The project presented a beautiful intertwining of the art forms which culminated in the final show presented at the Islington Assembly Hall as part of Cubitt Spring Ball.
Great fun!

*Photos courtesy of Claremont-Project

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