October 10, 2014

Doing what you love – it ain’t that easy!

In the past week I’ve been thinking about what brought me to dance the very first time and what sacrifices I made in order to pursue dance (I’d been listening to an interview with Namron and it got me thinking!).


I was a late starter actually, although I had been very involved in sports, and had not thought about dance until I watched a film that changed my life, it was Flashdance! It was 1987 and somehow watching how the female dancer expressed herself through movement to the fast music had an appeal for me. A year later there was an audition in my school and I thought I would apply. I hadn’t taken any dance classes before and was almost 18, but encouraged by my rhythmic gymnastics teacher to “go for it!”, along with one of my school friends, who choreographed a short piece for me to the music of Flashdance, I went for it!


Well I passed the audition with flying colours and did the show and what that encouraged me to do was to take the study of dance seriously – so off I went so study ballet with the 12 years olds! I spent hours each week at the barre alongside some children who were nearly half my height! I certainly wasn’t the coolest kid in town and at that time I didn’t realise how well my teacher did by placing me with that age group. Of course now I can see how the solid foundation of ballet and starting the work from the beginning gave me a good foundation for what was to come.

You can watch the video of Namron below, who tells his story of how he came to dance and the sacrifices he made in order to follow his long lasting love.


How did you get into dance? Was it love at first sight or just a little bit of fun? And did you manage to follow your love for dance or did something get in the way? Join your fellow readers by putting your answers in the comments section below. It helps us all to learn from our shared experiences!


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