March 3, 2012

Enjoying Dance Together – A Lively Workshop!

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Older dancers from Creative Dance 60+ shared a lively workshop with children from The Willow on Broadwaters (formally Broadwater Farm Primary School) in their light and airy gym on Thursday 24th November 2011.

That Thursday in Tottenham, both children and the elders were very exited about the workshop because neither had the opportunity to dance with their respective age group before.  This is the precursor of what will be a Big Dance project, which will take place in the summer term.  Watch this space!

Jackie Richards writes:  “Creative Dance 60+ is a local not-for-profit local organisation that offers open sessions to active older people living in Tottenham and surrounding neighbourhoods, who want to learn creative dance and enjoy sharing this interest with others. Previously, they have performed to family and friends and shared  “work in progress” with other groups of older dancers but this was the first time they ventured out publicly.  A small group visited the school to share their love of dance with children and to show that older people are friendly and active and most important, for everyone to have fun together. This was a positive community event. Dawn Ferdinand, Head Teacher of The Willow and her staff welcomed the idea.”

The feed back that follows is part of what encourages us to keep doing these kinds of events!

Ruth, older dancer:  “The children were brilliant!  We must do more of this next year.”

Children in the chorus: “When are you coming again?!  We had a great time!”

Jackie Richards, CD60+ manager:  “This was really worthwhile. It’s lovely to make a local contribution that was so positive.”

Dawn Ferdinand: “This was a fantastic opportunity for all involved and a great way to bridge the generation gap.”

[Photographer: Jo Alexander]

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