September 22, 2011

How London Contemporary Dance School got Counterpointed!

Last October 2010 I had a great oportunity to bring together students from London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) with my dancers in Counterpoint Dance courtesy of Claremont and their relationship with The Place.  For the first visit I lead both groups in a creative workshop and a technique class so an understanding of each others movement could be gained.  The second visit involved the LCDS students sharing their repertoire with Counterpoint who then learned parts of this repertoire, both groups  benefited immensely from the sharing process.  During the day LCDS students started to see how inspiring & capable Counterpointers were and thus preconceived ideas of older dancers had to change!  At question-time LCDS students also noted that we often take the opportunity to encourage and praise each other on the work we’re doing, they were pleased to see the effect this had on the group.  I hope through this unique collaboration we have enriched the students knowledge and understanding of the older dancer and challenged preconcieved ideas about age and aging.  Certainly, Counterpoint have been inspired by LC3’s passion for dance and their example of how a young, professionally trained body moves.

Thank you to all the students (Counterpoint & LC3) for being involved and all those who made this event possible, in particular Molly @ Claremont and  Patricia & Tracey @ LCDS.

Thank you!

*Photos courtesy of Claremont-Project

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