July 12, 2014

An intense week with Random Dance!


This week… It’s been intense!


Dancers from various classes I teach came together to learn a new work for the Big Dance Project, produced by Sadler’s Wells & Cubitt Artists and led by Random Dance Company choreographers, rehearsing hours everyday.


One of the things I always notice whenever we work with the top professionals is how much they expect of themselves and others, mentally and physically. Of course this can create a problem when the pro’s come up against the keen amateur… Balancing expectations against skill and ability has been a great challenge this week but the result of that work has been astounding. (We’re probably on stage as you’re reading this if you’re not here with us!).


I’ve seen all the dancers involved this week step up to the challenge, with the first two days of rehearsals being the most difficult. The choreographers gave a lot of material to learn, some came from themselves, some was created by the dancers, all of it very challenging. And by the third day most of the dancers were pretty exhausted and to tell you the truth, I was not sure if everyone would make it to the end of the project! But the choreographers encouraged the dancers to keep on pushing forwards, certain that by the end of the third day they would be much better, even if they couldn’t see it in the moment!


And guess what?! In spite of some understandable anxiety and the physical challenge, they were! So the fourth and fifth day everyone was still tired but rehearsals started to flow, the piece was taking shape and everyone was more confident. Even through the tiredness the dancers were experiencing they had an energy that wasn’t there at the beginning of the week. Everyone was absolutely focused on the goal and committed to getting the piece right and the solos, duets and ensemble slotted right into place.


I am looking forwards to seeing the performance at Spa fields today and to enjoy the amazing piece that was generated by sheer hard work, sweat and some tears! And for those involved I know it’s been an immense learning curve finding out just how much we’re really capable of when we put the work in!


So I am looking forwards to the autumn classes as I now know how much students can and will do if encouraged to do so. Watch this space everyone!


If you took part this week, tell us what you found most challenging and how you managed to solve it!

One Comment on “An intense week with Random Dance!

Gill Escott
July 12, 2014 at 18:15

Fabulous pictures and very inspiring. I think of myself trying physically to escape the box that society and my own thoughts have constructed for me. I try to move and extend beyond those confines, stretching to my fullest capacity and standing tall!! As an age group we have so much to offer in terms of how we move and express in dance to choreographers.

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