Day 2

Day 2 hosted two immersive live installation/performances and an exhibition of paintings.

Migration Intervention for the Injured: 2016

We started with this work from Julie Cook. Julie’s work has a sense of the medical and this enigmatic therapeutic series is created to comfort and protect the body from physical & emotional ills. She combines found materials rich with memories, such as goose down duvet, wool blankets, household linens, sheets and pillowcases. These are stitched with tapes and ties, as panacea for our human condition. Julie has researched both historical and contemporary sources to bring the narrative of migration to our consciousness.

At the Hackney Museum and Archive and at the Charity at 19 Princelet Street, she discovered that ‘Respecting migrations history has informed and created our society’ ‘The Hackney Migrant Centre’, and the ‘City and Hackney Wellbeing Profile,’ were reminders that many suffer from physical and mental health illness resulting from the traumatic experiences of war, displacement and even torture. All of us have migration stories as we move from one place to another or endure a flight and fight life event. Through this therapeutic series and its performance, a safe place is found to voice our sorrows through embodiment and release. (Performers: Barbara Mirata, Isabelle Mathews, Andy Newman and Loane Ferbac.)

Marinella Mirata

A Photographic exhibition of Marinella’s paintings. Her paintings were chosen specifically to create a link between her Italian homeland and the UK audiences at Migrations Europa Exchange. Marinella’s work has been categorised as informal abstract. She worked primarily in oils or acrylic applied by hand and fingers. Her technique involved movement as expressive as the work created.


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The second work was an interactive performance and installation made by Manuela Uccheddu in collaboration with Grazia Dentoni from Cagliari, Sardinia.

Eleonora is a site specific performance travelling throughout Europe. From Sardinia to Marseille from Paris to London crossing and collecting stories about Migrations.
The audience live first hand the experience of migration, entering the space of “experience”, becoming themselves a traveller. Through an itinerary in stages, will from time to time come in contact with objects, images, sounds and excerpts of stories collected during Eleonora’s trip. Participants are invited to touch, see, hear and smell experiencing migration as an evocative dialogue of the physical, biological and historical.