April 12, 2014

My Top 5 Pick of Things to See in London this Easter 2014.

If you are round and about London this Easter period, I’ve picked out 5 things I think you’ll really enjoy seeing.


The Great War – In Portraits (Free).
This is a wonderful exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery of “Images of individuals involved in the conflict”. I was struck by the life and vitality found in portraits dealing with such a challenging subject. If you see the exhibition, tell me in the comments section below what kind of dance movements you are inspired to make by the portraits you see.


The Kingswood Draw at Kingswood House (Free).
Not strictly a dance event but this looks like A LOT of fun, with all sorts of different rooms for artistic creation! Look out for the Playing Lab – “A digital and physical experience where your movement generates patterns, colours and textures to draw on every surface of the room.”!


National Youth Dance Company – The Rashoman Effect/Vertical Road (Paid).
This looks to be a great double bill of works by Akram Khan for for the NYDC at Sadler’s Wells.


Rodin by the Eifman Ballet (Paid).
I think this will be quite a challenging piece performed at the London Collesium, inspired by the relationship between Rodin and his muse Camille Claude. I expect it will be quite a hard look at various elements of creation and destruction in both artistry and relationships!


Head Space Dance at the Royal Opera House (Paid)
I’ve been impressed with some of the contemporary work the Royal Opera House have put on in their Linbury Studio recently and this new work by HeadSpace Dance looks like it might be worth a watch too.

One Comment on “My Top 5 Pick of Things to See in London this Easter 2014.

April 15, 2014 at 19:30

Re portraits at NPG. I was particularly struck, chilled and moved by the contemporary footage of very young soldiers marching towards a killing field. Their youth, grinning, and their cocky bravado towards the camera, and how we know in hindsight how many of these young men were killed or wounded within hours of that film. The photos and paintings of the maimed and disfigured faces uncompromisingly portrayed. The vulnability and fragility of the carapace that is the outer shell of the body. External damage. The internal damage of the shell-shocked, the internally wounded, the traumatised. The losses. Actual loss, death. But loss of hope, faith in goodness.
How can trauma be portrayed in dance? Maybe by conveying dissociated or frozen states of mind. Arrested. Contrasting with the mania and hope at the start. Like the men in the film. Sue


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