January 13, 2012

Pass it on!

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For the past three years I’ve been taking part in the Foundation for Community Dance Summer School as a way of developing my artistic ideas.  This has been a great opportunity not only to learn from wonderful artists and teachers such as Luca Silvestrini, Ruth Pethybridge, Rosemary Lee, Diane Amans and Cecilia Macfarlane but also to meet some amazing people with whom to share ideas and my passion for dance.

Each year we’ve built and strengthened professional relationships and started new friendships with people coming from all over the world!  At the most recent summer school I was struck by being able to dance with people of all ages and deepen my understanding of the trained and the non-trained dancer and the young and older body in dance.  It is a wonderful opportunity to experience great teaching whilst having fun but the most important part for me is being able to share it with my students and pass on the lessons learned.

Come and join me this year and learn to challenge yourself through dance!

Particular thanks to Ken, Lisa and Lindsay.
Photos: Foundation for Community Dance Summer School 2011.
Photo – Rachel Cherry

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